Remembering what mothers say for Mother’s Day |

Remembering what mothers say for Mother’s Day

Carrie Click
Post Independent Staff

GLENWOOD SPRINGS – The ’50s show was called “Father Knows Best,” but we all know who the power is behind the throne: Mom. Nobody can offer words of wisdom like Mom can.

A few men and women on the streets of downtown Glenwood Springs gave us some choice tidbits from their mothers.

What’s the best advice your mother ever gave you?

Gale Clark, Denver: She used to tell me, “Use your head for more than a hat rack.”

Raena Bishop, Maui, Hawaii and Glenwood Springs: She told me to never forget who you are, no matter what. You know, kids can get mean at school, but she always said that you are you and they can’t tell you who you are. Be your own person. Be independent.

J.C. Riggio, Glenwood Springs: She’d say, “When you disagree it’s just because somebody’s confused.”

Bessie Simonsen, Glenwood Springs: It’s been so long ago it’s hard to remember! I do remember when I was 3 or 4 years old, my mother always told me to be honest. I can remember seeing a bright red apple hanging over the fence. Boy, I wanted that apple, but I didn’t take it because of what my mother taught me.

Susie Bonds, Durango: My mother was a very strong, incredible woman. She told me to be strong, to believe in yourself and stay true to your values.

Mike Cooke, Oahu, Hawaii: Wear a condom!

Jody Ensign, Carbondale: It wasn’t so much advice as it was the way she handled herself with such dignity and grace after my father got sick and died.

She’s going to be 85 this year, and I wrote to her about what a role model she is to me, because I knew if I told her over the phone I’d start crying.

We have a very traditional family, and she was around 76 years old at the time my father died. She immediately recreated herself, jumping into the roles of manager and caregiver for the entire family with such fortitude and strength.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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