Republicans failing to show common sense |

Republicans failing to show common sense

Dear Editor,

I am a registered Democrat and have never voted a straight party ticket as I believe there are excellent persons running for office on both sides. However, the straight ticket is today tempting as the Republican Party is unable to demonstrate common sense in many key areas. They are as follows:

1. The determination to mandate war as the only solution to problems with terrorists and the Middle East oil problems is fraught with disaster. To even suggest alternative ideas causes a citizen to be labeled unpatriotic. What happened to the Republican claim that the Democrats are the party of war? War should never be considered as the only solution. Maybe this country should consider reducing its need for oil and see how the Middle East reacts to lost income. Instead we grow SUV’s bigger, make our highways bigger, pave everything in sight, fail to establish efficient public transportation, ignore alternative energy sources such as solar, hydrogen cells, and wind generation, and in general waste energy resources. Where is the presidential leadership?

2. Providing medical care insurance and messing up Medicare are Republican failures. Where are new and innovative ideas for the delivery of medical services? We are stuck with traditional multiple health delivery systems of private insurance companies and cost shifting within care-giving units like hospitals.

3. Anytime a Republican president is elected the members of that party believe economic times will improve. Well, this time it has all gone down the tube. Where is the leadership to help the economy?

4. There should not have been a tax cut. Social Security is at risk. The economy was unable to hold its position and balance the budget. The main benefactors of the tax cut were the rich.

George Bush is, in my opinion treading the line of a one-term president because he does not seem to understand how to walk a line of creditability.

Tom Strickland’s mother lives in Battlement Mesa. Because of this I have studied how he stands. I have come to the conclusion he would make an outstanding senator. I believe Wayne Allard is a good man but just an average senator. We here in Colorado need to pick outstanding men for that office. Our present Senator Allard is not a leader in the Senate. He does not command attention over his views. He is not sought after for his ideas. I believe Tom Strickland would have ideas and command attentions for his leadership. We, as a state, need a strong presence in national politics to overcome Bush’s ineptitude.

J. Steven Randol


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