Republicans redistributing wealth |

Republicans redistributing wealth

Dear Editor,

Checked your pay stub lately? Fortune Magazine reports that top CEOs of corporate America tap the till for an average $7,452 an hour. These are the folks to whom Bush and the Republicans have given two huge tax cuts. An Army private in Iraq gets $19,600 a year, including combat pay, less than three hours of CEO till-tapping.

This year’s federal deficit will be a record $455 billion, with another like it to come. Follow the money and learn a lot about who has power and what their real values are.

In the Bush administration’s proposed budget, a national financial crisis is being planned and executed. And those being positioned to take the blame are the poor, the disabled, the aged and retired, and military veterans.

Thus the stage is set for the, “so sorry,” destruction of Medicare, raiding the Social Security Trust Fund, slashing the VA medical program and ending or crippling all people-serving programs.

Redistributing wealth is wrong, Republicans cry. Except when it is redistribution upward to the rich and big business, many of whom pay little or no taxes through various convoluted laws.

President AWOL and Republicans wave flags and praise the troops, but now propose to cut military “imminent danger” pay from a meager $225/month to $150/month. They oppose an attempt to double the paltry $6,000 paid to families of men killed in active duty!

After all, the CEOs and corporations do need tax relief: taking in $7,000 plus per hour, how can you make the yacht payments?

Patriots or shameless hypocrites?

Chester McQueary


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