Resolutions, observations, idle thoughts |

Resolutions, observations, idle thoughts

Mike Vidakovich
Post Independent
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Mike Vidakovich

The day after Christmas, I wrote these words on my calendar: “I have a problem.”

It was nothing major, certainly not related to the life-threatening variety of misfortunes or maladies.

My problem was simple. I was eating, at an alarming clip, way too many of those hard-to-avoid sugary treats. I was on a first-name basis with sweet, baked goods of all kinds, a weakness we all succumb to, especially this time of year.

I put the words in bold print on my calendar, the one I use to record my daily running miles, what route I traveled that day, and the time that I spent on the road. Four words which would serve as a constant reminder to fuel the body better in hopes that I can avoid too many trips to the service shop for a tune-up or various realignments as the years roll along.

Athletes get older and they become slower. That rule is etched in stone. It’s unavoidable. A better diet in 2013 is a resolution worth giving a shot.

Maybe better food will translate to more energy and allow me to stay competitive in that way-too-tough 50-59 age category in local running races.

As of this writing, I’m off to a somewhat shaky start in regards to my sugar consumption resolution, but I’m still determined and staying focused on the goal.

Go to your own calendar and put a star on Saturday, March 16. That’s the date of the 14th annual Kenny Cline Memorial Sequoia Glen 5K Run/Walk in West Glenwood. Sequoia Glen is the first race in the 2013 Colorado River Valley Charity Race Series.

There are 35 college football bowl games this holiday season, and only one of them matters.

I have peeked in on many of these illustrious games, ranging from the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl to the Meineke Car Care Bowl. I’ve noticed the camera angles are very tightly focused on the field and the lower sections of the stadium. That’s because half of the seats, usually the entire upper deck, are empty.

The BCS should take a page from the NCAA basketball tournament and have an expanded playoff field of 16 teams. Getting the playoffs up to four teams instead of the two that now play for the national championship is a step in the right direction, but more teams are needed to get some excitement into the bowl season.

Right now, the electric grip that March Madness holds on us is missing in college football.

Speaking of the college basketball tournament, the Wildcats of Arizona, from Tucson, will cut down the NCAA nets. Send your money to Vegas now. It’s a sure thing.

From high school hoops to the National Basketball Association, the mid-range jump shooter has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Everything in basketball has become slash to the basket at all costs and yell, “And one!”

I don’t see the pure shooters anymore in the modern game. Kids don’t hit the asphalt for hour upon hour like they used to, honing the shot with hundreds of jumpers a day.

The fundamentally sound, cerebral players are becoming fewer and farther between also.

In the NBA, I can give you five names of players who I would call consistently smart players: Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Chauncey Billups, Chris Paul, and Andre Miller.

The talent level in professional basketball is amazing, but the IQ for the game, which means making the people around you better, is lacking a bit.

Happy new year. Spring is coming!

– Mike Vidakovich is a freelance sports writer for the Post Independent.

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