Resources are where you find them

R.T. Moolick

Dear Editor,

I am sure that you are just like me, and love the pleasures of a warm house in the winter, electric lights to read by, and an SUV to prowl our glorious scenery. But they are only there because our natural resources are currently available for exploiting. Don’t let environmentalists fool you with clever recommendations.

In arguing for more wilderness, the GSPI’s April 29 editorial stated:

“Plenty of public land already has been given over to resource development and other use, and plenty is targeted for gas drilling by the Bush administration.”

Now, we geologists know that the natural resources are located in very specific environments on this earth and wishful thinking is not one of them. Natural resources are miraculously located. But not located just where you want them nor where you don’t want them.

Resources are where you find them, not necessarily where you want them!

Just look around you. How many things do you have in your home that aren’t a product of our natural resources?

So, if you tie up your natural resources now it may not hit until your children’s children. But if you greedily lock up our public lands, sooner or later you will also be locking up our future children’s standard of living, as well as endangering their country!

Don’t let the environmentalists lock up our future generation’s livelihood because of a lust for current power. And that is just what these greenies want – power, with no consideration for the future.


R.T. Moolick

Glenwood Springs

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