Rev `em and ride `em |

Rev `em and ride `em

Dear Editor,

After a few days of thought it is time to respond to Steve Smith’s letter from April 5. I have to say it sickened me.

I guess it struck particularly hard, as it was my late brother’s 40th birthday. He rode a Harley. He was a member of the Jokers, a sergeant at arms when he died. He also worked for a living and had three children.

When he was killed in a construction accident just a year ago, it was “those people” who tended to every detail of arranging his funeral. His bike sat in the funeral home next to his casket and after the service, boy did they celebrate his life. They were his extended family in every sense of the word.

Mr. Smith, the undertone of your letter was one of obvious narrow-mindedness, hatred and bigotry. As many have already noted in response, the Harley Davidson is in fact American-made, with pride and honor. It is that same pride and honor the people who own and ride Harleys hold true. Many, by the way, boast six-figure incomes.

No truer words were spoken than there is no better way to see the country.

Yes, they are loud. Have you stood at the corner of Eighth and Grand any time in the past 10 or so years and tried to carry on a conversation? It will probably be a bit louder on the 4th of July, but at least we won’t be suffocated by diesel exhaust.

Like in all walks of life, be it people who ride a Harley, a Honda, drive a Ford or Chevy, there are what you call undesirables. You might take a look in the mirror.

It will always sadden my heart to know that our world will forever be full of people like you, Mr. Smith, who because of your ignorance or perhaps your fear have no room in your heart for people who are different. If they scare you, you walk the other way. If it is just your ignorance, make the effort to find out more about them. You may in fact be shocked at what even you might learn.

In memory of my brother, John “Anchor” Dinnen, a past resident of this valley, “rev `em and ride `em!”

I look forward to the rally and the noise and excitement it will bring for the celebration of our country’s birthday. I applaud the powers that be for making this a possibility. Who knows, it might shake some people awake in this valley.

P.S. Mr. Smith, maybe you should find someplace else to spend your holiday.

Jo Bershenyi

Glenwood Springs

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