Revolution begins within one’s self |

Revolution begins within one’s self

Dear Editor,

In a letter by Jack E. Blankenship (“Up in arms over revolutionary letter”) he refers to the contents of David Krest’s letter (“Revolution: just in time for Independence”) as a “highly questionable proposition.”

Understandably, the word revolution calls to some people’s minds a bloody war. After all, America’s Revolutionary War was indeed a bloody affair, and revolutions in other countries have been no less violent. Webster’s dictionary’s first definition states that revolution is “a complete and forcible overthrow of an established government or political system.”

Without a doubt, this concept strikes fear into the hearts of most Americans, Mr. Blankenship among them.

However, there is more than one definition of revolution. Webster’s second definition is “a radical and pervasive change in society and the social structure, especially one made suddenly and often accompanied by violence.”

This kind of revolution has occurred many times in this country (though the violence was usually perpetrated by the government and its supporters on the Revolutionaries). The Labor Movement, the Women’s Movement and the Civil Rights Movement are examples of “we the people” taking matters into our own hands in order to force change in the social structure. But as David Krest clearly stated, he is talking first and foremost about a personal revolution, one in which Americans change our world view and begin to behave responsibly toward each other and the planet. This would fall under Webster’s third definition – “a complete or marked change in something” – which, surely, is not all that objectionable.

I would also like to submit for consideration Webster’s fourth definition: “procedure or course as if in a circuit, as back to a starting point in time.” A revolution of this kind would mean a return to the original ideals of government envisioned by our founding fathers, one in which individual responsibility included monitoring the actions of our elected officials to assure that they were not overstepping the boundaries of their appointed office.

This government would be charged with the defense of our people and property from foreign attackers, the apprehending, prosecution, and punishment of domestic criminals, and the promotion of free trade. This ideal government would allow us ALL, among other things, the right to bear arms, the right to free speech, the right to due process of the law, and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, without interference, harassment, taxation or prohibition. This was the government that was formed in America by wealthy powerful men 226 years ago, to keep even wealthier, more powerful men from oppressing them. Because they were wise to the fact that power corrupts, they built safeguards into the system. Now the time has come when “we the people” need to remove the corruption that has slowly crept into our political system.

The two major political parties of our time are made up mainly of wealthy men (and women) whose intention is to use the power of their position for personal gain and to further the interests of their corporate friends. In catering to their own portfolios and special interests, our Democratic and Republican officials regularly propagandize, endanger, oppress, and impose illegal taxes on the people who elected them. The answer to our bloated Big Government is not No Government, just Less Government, as was intended by the original architects of the Constitution.

In 1971, concerned patriots right here in Colorado formed the Libertarian Party. It is now the third largest political party in the United States, and the only one that stands a chance of revolutionizing our government, and restoring our nation’s integrity. (For the National Libertarian Party’s Statement of Principles, visit, or call 1-800-353-2887).

We don’t need small arms or big guns; Americans have the option and the power to change our government in the next election. Mr. Krest and David Barsamian are correct; the revolution is now. And it is a personal revolution, a turning around, a return to the ideal of personal liberty and responsibility that the government of this great country was founded to uphold. This is a Revolution whose time has come.

Sue Gray


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