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Rick Neiley is a friend of Roaring Fork Valley

Dear Editor,

I am confused! First Westbank fights tooth and nail for months to keep Prehm Ranch (and anyone else who doesn’t live in Westbank) from using their roads. Now they are inviting everyone, with the county commissioners’ support, to come on through as long as they cross Prehm Ranch first.

The commissioners say they are supporting open trails; if so why haven’t they lifted a finger to finish the trail they already have? The railroad right of way.

The main concern of the people turned away at the Prehm ranch gate last week was having a safe bike path away from Highway 82. Have you tried to take a leisurely stroll on the narrow Sunlight/airport road that leads to Prehm Ranch? You would be run off the road! What could be safer than the railroad right of way? They could just bring the existing Glenwood path as far as 154 Road on the right of way they already have. From there it’s a wide paved entrance to 109 road and Carbondale.

Whoever is responsible for putting out the phony call to ride the imaginary trail through Prehm Ranch has a hidden agenda and should be held accountable. Putting the sheriffs deputies and Richard Neiley, attorney for Prehm ranch, in the unenviable position of having to stand at the gate and turn friends and neighbors away to protect his clients’ property rights was wrong. In his 25 years in the valley, Rick Neiley has been a strong and vocal advocate of trails and open space. Remember the massive Sanders Ranch deal? He spent many hours of his time fighting the size of that development. Rose Ranch? He was there, too. I could mention many more times he has fought for our valley. I will mention one. The DOW “accidental” kill of hundreds of fish that washed up on the banks of the Roaring Fork. Rick raised a stink about that, too.

Rick Neiley is a friend of the Roaring Fork Valley, and I am proud to say, he is a friend of mine.

Gary McDonald


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