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Rifle girl finds burglars at home

Dale Shrull
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Dale Shrull

Amaris Bouchard had homework to do when she got home from school. She unlocked the front door and walked in. Then she heard something downstairs. No big deal. Just one of her parents home early. So she went outside to say hi to Ike, the family dog.

That’s when she saw it. A broken window. That’s how they got into the house. Then she saw a broken fence. That’s how they got into the yard.

Now Amaris was scared. Really scared. She knew it wasn’t mom or dad downstairs. It was the people who broke the fence to get into the yard, then broke the window to get into their house.

Amaris was crying, that’s how scared she was.

At 11 years old, she says that’s as scared as she’s ever been.

Can you imagine?

Thieves in your house. Bad men, capable of who knows what.

Amaris was scared, but she was also angry that two men were in her house.

“I didn’t know what to think,” Amaris says.

As she was in the backyard with Ike, she saw the two men leave the house. She remembers that they were holding their hands close to their jackets, like they were carrying stuff.

Amaris was scared but she wanted to do something.

“I snuck out the broken back fence that they broke through. Then I chased them,” Amaris says. “I wanted to find out where they were going so someone could catch them.”

Amaris doesn’t remember everything about the day two men broke into their house. The house owned by her parents, Dan and Tonya LeMoine of Rifle.

She remembers one thing very vividly.

“I was scared and sad.”

What an ordeal. Eleven years old, getting home from school, going to do your homework and say hi to Ike. Then you realize two bad men are in your house.

Hard to imagine.

Her parents are very proud of her and how she handled the situation.

“It could have been a lot worse, and the only thing that matters is that she’s OK. We’re very fortunate,” Dan says.

The bad guys swiped a few small items, but they left larger items behind.

“They must have heard someone come in,” Dan says.

While Amaris was chasing the thieves, a woman stopped to see what was wrong.

“I was chasing them and screaming and a lady stopped and asked me what was wrong,” says Amaris, a very articulate Rifle Middle-schooler.

She listens to her parents. Dan is a Rifle attorney, and Tonya is a teacher at Rifle Elementary.

Amaris knows she’s supposed to do her homework after school. She also knows she’s not supposed to talk to strangers. But when the woman stopped to help, Amaris made an exception. The woman called the police.

Dan says that there’s never been an arrest. These types of crimes are tough to solve.

Dan says his daughter rarely took the bus home from school but on this day, she did. Most of the time, one of her parents picks her up from school.

Dan says his secretary at work was also burglarized around the same time. She even lives in a different neighborhood. As a Rifle native, he shares his daughter’s feelings. He’s sad. It’s not the same Rifle where he grew up. Things have changed. Times have changed. Crime is now part of Rifle. A big part.

For the LeMoines and Amaris, they’ve taken precautions. Amaris no longer takes the bus home from school. She now goes home with one of her parents.

Amaris won’t be going home by herself anymore.

Things change when bad guys break into your house.

It is scary and it is sad. Times have changed.

She won’t soon forget the day when bad men broke into her house. She was scared and sad.

But she was also a brave little 11-year-old girl, who scared off the bad guys.

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