New Year’s resolutions for your home |

New Year’s resolutions for your home


Shawn Manwaring is a broker associate with Roaring Fork Sotheby’s International Realty in Glenwood Springs.

Tis' the season when we resolve to create positive and long-lasting changes for the upcoming year ahead.

Here are some resolutions to consider for a healthy and happy new year at home:

Cut Energy Use. America uses more energy than any other country in the world. Be part of the solution and not the problem by staying conscious of how you can reduce your energy usage—and your utility bill. Some easy tips include shutting doors and closing curtains, turning heaters and coolers off except for when you absolutely need them, insulating your roof if not already done, adjusting your refrigerators and freezers to run at more efficient rate and washing clothes using cold water.

Purify Indoor Air. There are many options available today for indoor air purifiers. They can be costly so if you cannot make that investment this year, consider looking at an essential oil diffuser to help with cleansing and purifying the air in your home.

Declutter and get organized. It seems simple, but so often is overlooked. You will feel more organized and be more likely to entertain friends and family more often if you consider clearing out the clutter in your home.

Make your home is safe and sound. Things like installing an alarm system, radon system, CO2 detectors, and making sure your dryer lint vents are clear will go a long way.

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Refinance your Mortgage. We are starting to see interest rates rise for the first time in several years. Perhaps you are in a position where you did not buy with 20 percent down payment but now have more than 20 percent equity into your home and therefore can refinance and eliminate private mortgage insurance.

Review and/or Renew your homeowner's insurance. Some people go decades without thinking of reviewing their policies. My advice is to review them at least every other year to make sure your coverage limits are adequate and that you're receiving the most competitive rates offered.

I would be delighted to hear from you to discuss any of the above proposed resolutions. I hope 2017 was a fantastic year for all of my readers and that 2018 is even better yet. Happy Holidays.

Shawn Manwaring is a Broker Associate with Roaring Fork Sotheby's International Realty in Glenwood Springs. Shawn services Western Garfield County and the lower Roaring Fork Valley. He can be reached at 970-389-6069, or