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Right to choose not an issue in election

Dear Editor,

I have watched with curiosity all of the negative campaigning (all parties) that has been going on this year. I personally find it disgusting that candidates cannot stick to their campaign and what they will do if elected, instead of campaigning by trying to dig up dirt and smear someone else.

I guess that relieves a candidate of the need to actually commit to the issues, not that we, for the most part, can believe either their campaign or what they say about each other.

One issue that keeps coming up in the campaign that annoys me the most is the issue of abortion. It does not matter if a candidate is pro-life or pro-choice, with little exception that candidate is in no position to affect Roe vs. Wade or any other abortion issue. Only the U.S. Supreme Court can affect these decisions.

Even the President cannot affect these decisions except in the appointment that he presents to the Senate and the House for approval to become a Supreme Court judge, and the appointee can be blocked there. The Senate and the House can deny a prospective Supreme Court judge, but it is my understanding that that rarely happens. So, really only the President will have the chance to affect those decisions since the Senate and the House rarely deny him his appointee, and that is only if he is presented with an opening in the Supreme Court. All other candidates, people, have absolutely nothing to do with affecting abortion issues.

So, when you hear a negative campaign smear that so and so is pro-choice or pro-life I hope that you will have the good sense to vote for the person who would do the most good in the office that he or she is running for instead of making up your mind based on issues that they could not affect if they wanted to!

Thanks for letting me vent.

Cynthia Thomas

Glenwood Springs

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