Roan Plateau has great potential |

Roan Plateau has great potential

Dear Editor,I wasnt surprised to see a letter titled, Please do whats right for our community written by members of the Roaring Fork Sierra Club group.I am confident that many of those speaking out against drilling for oil and gas on the Roan Plateau dont even know where the Roan Plateau is.I notice that our new senator, Ken Salazar, thinks the Top of Roan Plateau should be off-limits to energy search. I think that we deserve his position because we voted for a lawyer for Senate.Our nation is a great nation because it not only is endowed with marvelous natural resources, but our forefathers wisely made our natural resources available to our citizens. (So, we keep our homes and families warm during these cold wintery days).Those in opposition to drilling obviously have their own comfort cared for, and obviously could care less how your family and my family survive.The Roan Plateau has great natural gas potential and should be developed for our great nation. Dont let selfish greed influence the utilization of our natural resources. Remember, this is the same type of mentality which is trying to bring back wolves to our great state.Richard T. MoolickGlenwood Springs

Dear Editor,The Lower Valley Trails Group would like to clarify a Post Independent column on Jan. 19 regarding the South Canyon Trail project. The column paints a somewhat pessimistic view of the task which lies ahead for Garfield County, when the opposite is true. As with any multijurisdictional project, there are administrative aspects to be worked out. These, however, are routine details and are easily resolved.The good news for residents of Garfield County is that the South Canyon Trail offers exciting opportunities for the county that of expanding our trails system and building a safe route, off of I-70, which connects Glenwood Springs to communities in western Garfield County.County staff has done a thorough job of identifying the details to be resolved to move this project forward. Throughout this process, unforeseen issues are bound to arise. This is no surprise given the creative nature and newness of this type of undertaking. Fortunately, all parties are working diligently to come together to find constructive ways to work through the issues.The conclusion its all good. CDOT, Garfield County, BLM, and LoVa (along with the City of Glenwood Springs) have formed a strong partnership, all committed to building this ground-breaking trail through South Canyon.Though much more is needed, LoVa and its partners have found the funding to get this project off the ground, and the first section of trail, from west Glenwood to South Canyon, will be built within three years.Larry Dragonexecutive directorLoVa Trails Group

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