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LET THEM ROAR is Roaring into Glenwood Thursday night

Carbondale based band LET THEM ROAR is hosting a pre-launch event in the plaza at the Glenwood Springs branch of Garfield County Library 7 p.m. Thursday.

For members of the Roaring Fork Valley band ‘LET THEM ROAR,’ supporting the community with their music is what they hope to do.

“Being involved in the community is a big part in what we do, because we believe in the power of music and that to heal and inspire, we desire to be in service to that power and that creates bridges to our community,” guitarist Mateo Sandate said.

The band will host a pre-launch event in the plaza at Glenwood Springs Library Thursday in downtown Glenwood, a day before they launch their new single “I See My Light.”

LET THEM ROAR will also launch the “I See My Light” campaign, which will raise money for five women throughout Colorado that have taken sanctuary, including Saundra Lopez who spent 306 days in sanctuary in Carbondale.

“Saundra was a big part of the inspiration. In spending time with Saundra, just hearing her speak about her experience of what it meant to take sanctuary and sacrifice her time to be a leader, and trying to change the system,” vocalist Sophia Clark said.

“She would talk about things like how valuable her life is, how valuable all of our lives are and our time is, that was a big part of the inspiration.”

Clark said the pre-launch is sort of like our dress rehearsal that the public is invited to.

“We are getting ready to travel around the state and make this campaign the focus of our summer,” Clark said.

Clark who works in the sanctuary movement separately from the band also said the band visited another person in sanctuary, Rosa Sabido who has been in sanctuary in Mancos for two years.

With the release of their new song, LET THEM ROAR will donate 90 percent of proceeds to individuals in sanctuary. Supporting living costs, legal costs, and organizing efforts.

The band will be at the Launchpad Friday night in Carbondale for the official launch and Saundra Lopez will speak as well.

“I See My Light,” will be available for download on the band’s website letthemroar.com beginning Friday.

“Hopefully a really fun time and an intimate concert experience,” Clark said.

“We really found that when we play music people really connect with our music. A really powerful and emotional experience happens, and when that happens people are just open to connecting and open to listening and learning new things — connecting with one another.”

Clark said that is a powerful tool, and she wants to use that tool to connect people to the immigrant rights movement, and to shared humanities that we all have.


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