Rosebud Cemetery in good hands |

Rosebud Cemetery in good hands

John Gardner
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Chad Spangler Post Independent

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado ” Bob Costin was busy digging a grave Thursday afternoon and it didn’t have anything to do with Halloween.

It’s part of Costin’s job as the maintenance manager at Rosebud Cemetery in Glenwood Springs. Digging graves, trimming the grass around the headstones, and keeping the cemetery in good shape is a job that Costin, 62, really enjoys and is proud to do.

“I like to work here, it’s peaceful.” Costin said. “It’s special to people, obviously. A lot of people come out and visit and bring flowers. Some of them like to do their own trimming and cleaning up the bushes and what not. It’s interesting that they take an interest in it, and it helps me.”

Costin’s work is a non-stop job of trimming and manicuring the cemetery during the growing seasons.

“Well, it starts in April and ends in October,” Costin said. “It’s just constant. It’s labor intensive. By the time you get done mowing at one end, guess what, you can run down and start mowing again where you started.”

In the Fall, as the growing grass slows and the leaves begin to fall, Costin’s work at the cemetery slows down for the season too. It’s his favorite time of year.

“I love the fall,” he said. “Springs is nice for a while but, you’re heading for the heat and everything is sprouting and you can’t keep up with it.”

Rosebud Cemetery has around 5,000 grave markers. Each one needing to be trimmed once a week. That alone keeps, Costin and his part-time helper, Hamidou Ba, an immigrant from Mauritania, Africa, busy for much of their time.

“Each one of them has at least 360 degrees you’ve got to trim,” Costin said jokingly. “And I say, ‘at least’ because some of them manage to find more that you’ve got to trim.”

The two man crew does pretty good job. The way Costin tells it, Ba is a big reason why they can keep up with the work.

“He is a working dynamo,” Costin said. “Without him, it wouldn’t look as nice as it does. He is one tough worker. I refer to him as ‘Popeye’ a lot of the times because he is strong. The guy is 53-years-old and he’ll pick up that truck.”

And even though they keep up on the daily chores, there is never down time at Rosebud. Not for Costin and Ba.

“The guy that was working here before me said to me, ‘Catch up? That is something you put on hamburgers and stuff’,” Costin said. “He says, “you don’t catch up here.”

Busy. But, that is the way Costin likes it.

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