Routt County mom loves Boebert’s honesty and commitment to rural Colorado |

Routt County mom loves Boebert’s honesty and commitment to rural Colorado

Savvy Wolfson is a stay-at-home mom, who homeschools her two young children at her home in Oak Creek. (Photo by John F. Russell)

Savvy Wolfson said she has always wanted to live in the Yampa Valley. When she saw a field of wildflowers on a trip to Colorado after high school, she thought, “I could put a house right there and never leave.”

After a fall 2016 trip to the area, she and her husband and two children moved to Oak Creek. They are not ranchers, but Routt County’s Western heritage was something that appealed to Wolfson.

“I believe that our souls require beauty to thrive,” Wolfson said. “I want my kids to grow up somewhere where they can look around and see God’s creation.”

Wolfson, 31, said it is discouraging how much of politics has become soaked into every facet of life, all the way down to whether to buy “Republican pillows” or “Democrat laundry detergent.” She said people at times judge her solely on her political beliefs rather than who she is as a person.

“I feel like I have been painted in a stereotypical way, instead of people actually knowing me for who I am,” Wolfson said. “I want to have more in common, I want people to still interact and I like being surrounded by people who disagree with me, because it challenges me to think through my views.”

Until last year Wolfson was not registered with either party. She said she actually donated money to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential bid in 2016. Sanders appealed to her, because she felt he was authentic and believed honestly in what he is saying.

“I think he says the quiet part out loud sometimes,” Wolfson said. “He truly is a believer in what he is saying and he thinks that he is helping people.

“I see their hearts,” Wolfson said, referring to Democrats who want to put more funding into social programs. Wolfson said she disagrees with these strategies now but believes those who support them have good intentions — something she feels is lost in today’s political climate.

“I think everybody should approach politics assuming that the other side genuinely wants to help the world,” Wolfson said.

Wolfson also gets frustrated when politicians say things they don’t necessarily believe to cater to particular voters. She doesn’t worry about that with Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo.

“I am not surprised that she has ruffled feathers, but I actually like it. She says what she thinks,” Wolfson said.

To Wolfson, Boebert is the only voice for rural people in Washington D.C. Boebert wants to keep the Bureau of Land Management local, she talks about gas prices and Wolfson believes she is fighting for people like her.

Boebert has said more moms are becoming politically active, and Wolfson agrees. She said moms like her are waking up to the world and becoming more interested in politics.

She helped organize some rallies in support of Boebert last year and reaches out to her congressional office staff frequently. She said she gets prompt responses from Boebert and is enthusiastic about voting for her again in 2022.

“Even more enthusiastically than last time,” Wolfson said.

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