Runners up |

Runners up

People’s choice runners-up:Spike, 25 votes; Fred the iguana, 20 votes; Daisy (Jenna Linden owner), 14 votes; Cerra, 14 votes; Makita, Ebony and Bob, 14 votes; Pogo, 13 votes; Bugs and Yoshie, 13 votes; Weasel, 12 votes; Tuffy and Alvin, 11 votes; Cooper, 10 votes; Brii, 7 votes; Buster, 7 votes; Oscar with Carter, 7 votes; Nacho, 7 votes; CoCo, 6 votes; Molly, 6 votes; Kona, 6 votes; Maizy Grace, 6 votes; Bleu, 6 votes; Smeagol, 6 votes; Daly and Hayden, 6 votes; Bailey, 6 votes; Foxy and Lady, 6 votes; Blue (June Goluba), 5 votes; Vinnie the donkey, 5 votesReceiving less than 5 votes:Tahoe and Kiowa, Liesl, Cooper (McMorris), Lucy, Dorsey, Cleo, Kayla Mae, Flounder, Kodiak, Lilly, Ruby, Blue (Helm), Freddie, Gracie, Deoji, Rocky (Jacobsen), Daisy (McNeel), Daisy Mae, Cowboy, Queen Kitty, Buddy, Maggie May, Taz, Mulligan, Firefly and Deogi, Max, Bear, Taco and Champ, Daly and Hayden, Max “Million,” Heidi, Montgomery, Jake Carlos and Zirkle, Cookie and Radar, Sundrop, Pumpkin, Bugs, Annie Mae, Paige, Arnie, Maddy, Isabel, Tobias, Annie, Zu-Zu, Rusty, Luigi, Ollie, Spirit and Willow, Jake, Bing, Lucy Pawlak, Boo, Rudie, Baxter and Bowdie, Charlie, Smokey, Zeek, Zip, Cody and Buck, Cassady, Smokey, Jazz, Playa, Angel and Rascal, Capt. Kirk, Jasper, Tonya, Lup, Jellybean, Mauka, Sativa, Digger, Missy and Simba, Birdie, Spencer, Digger, Tigger and Kaine, Lucy and Bailey, Bear, Pearl, Tuffy, Lupe, Muffin and Cuddles, Contessa, Honey, Stacatto, Sue Ling, Elliott, Lazy Annie, Ben, Bandit, Peanut, Saber, Midnight and Eddie, Mariah, Woody, Tucker, Maggie, Elvis

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