Saddam is a dictator, just like Hitler was |

Saddam is a dictator, just like Hitler was

R.L. Pritchard

Dear Editor,

I had to answer Sue Gray’s article printed on Dec. 4.

First, I would like to tell Sue Gray that I was one of those soldiers in World War II that fought to make her home a safe place to live, and have peace of mind, and freedom of speech, which was denied by some of the people in Europe during Hitler’s stay in power.

I might also remind her that if she had lived at that time she might have been one of those persons that would have been gassed in the chambers of Dachau or the one in Ansbach. It was a gory sight.

It was easy for Hitler to make propaganda to support his ideas of exterminating all the Jews, and his people fell in line with his thinking – that anything he said was the right thing to do. As you mentioned, Saddam Hussein was only protecting the rights of his regime to the territory of Kuwait. So was it Hitler’s right to attack Austria, Czechoslovakia and other territory that he seemed to think belonged to Germany. If that thinking persists, then we should give all of America back to the Indians.

Saddam Hussein is like all dictators. He makes the words fit his thinking and makes you believe everything he says is the right thing to do. Sure, he has all of his subjects thinking he is right, and that is what makes him a dictator. He doesn’t let them think otherwise, neither did Hitler.

Since Sue Gray thinks the way she does I would suggest she go over to Iraq and live. I’m sure she doesn’t like the America I fought for.


R.L. Pritchard


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