Saddam must be drawn out |

Saddam must be drawn out

Dear Editor,

So, to compare Saddam to Adolph is close; but, to think that knocking off Adolph would have eliminated world war is not true. A great injustice was served at the end of war in 1918. It was pride and neglect that set the world on course for depression and war. To have laid the groundwork for these conditions and then snuffed out a leader like Hitler would be like trying to rub out organized crime. Someone would fill the power vacuum usually worse. To find an acceptable substitute is to find a sham, a puppet. An autonomous means needs to be instituted to address people’s needs.

First the culprit must be drawn out. Saddam. This is no Tom Cruise movie, where the guilty are eliminated before a crime is committed. That way, the population of world could be locked up; that’s the point of original sin. No, the culprit must be drawn out. Saddam.

The formula for making a tyrant is several steps. First pride and neglect, then drawing him out the enemy, and then defeating him. Today, the formula has been shortened to two steps. The drawing out part is missed. It was missed in opportunity at the end of the Gulf War, and it is a missed concept in GW’s administration. Inbreeding is a political weakness as well.

This administration has failed in an elective process, it has failed in world policy, it is failing American interests, and it is failing to draw out its enemies abroad. It does not reflect the higher form of man.

Someone could at least read the Art of War. Perhaps they could study the tactics and tact of the greatest war president, FDR. FDR groomed Hitler for the part; the coup was having Hitler read his letter to the Nazi leaders enumerating the countries in peril of being consumed. It was a great laugh. This gave a handle on who the world was dealing with and focused allied energies.

Japan attacked the United States, and it was Hitler who declared war the day after. Big surprise, Adolph! The real energy of FDR then went into peace. After the failed attempt of President Wilson in 1919 to institute a League of Nations, a second wave of war was inevitable. Peaceful resolution is difficult. The UN is only given lip service and often dismissed.

Hope for the best for all the Iraqi peoples. Saddam should be drawn out to everyone to be less than acceptable for the Iraqi people. Iraq, I roll or to roll Iraq? That is the question. Or is Dick Cheney just getting low on pocket change?

Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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