Saddam no threat to America, but election is to Bush |

Saddam no threat to America, but election is to Bush

Dear Editor,Jim Chenoweth’s condemnation of the Bushies’ march to war upon Iraq, (“Let Us Not Become … ” Sept 2) is admirable, but, with his indulgence, I have one wrinkle to add. While Jim credits the motivation for the Crusade-like call to arms merely to political neo-rightist leanings, even suggesting that a lust for eastern oil might also be relevant, I see something more dire. To me, this is a bold and manifest move to change the focus of the American people in order to maintain power. Most of the media has wholly lost focus by accepting the inane proposition, successfully sold by the Bushies, yet seriously undermined by Chenoweth and the friends he quotes, that Saddam Hussein is an imminent and credible threat. Iraq is well aware that the bellicose Sharon has his finger on the nuclear trigger. Theocratic Iran, Saddam’s longstanding enemy, is clearly a major buffer to Iraq, always suspicious of the not-so-religious Baathist Baghdad.Pragmatically speaking, Saddam is no threat at all, to anyone. Any warlike move by him will certainly spell his end. And no one has yet made the case that Mr. Hussein is stupid and suicidal. Isn’t it obvious that the Bush-Cheney war cries and the equally distracting, ensuing debate are no more than a political diversion to take our minds off the many and pitiful failures of this administration, i.e., the sinking economy; the underprosecuted, Big-Business banditry by Bushy buddies; the Zorro-like escape of Bin Laden & Company; the prospects of an Afghan quagmire; Ashcroft’s accusatory overreaching; all this, and more, menacing the Republican chances in the coming election. Once again, how can we be so myopic as to not see this, the 10-ton elephant, being wagged by his tail. Joe. KaplanGlenwood Springs

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