Saddam was No. 3 on Parade’s Bad Guys list |

Saddam was No. 3 on Parade’s Bad Guys list

Patty Welch

Dear Editor,

Just some FYI as a follow-up to the letter by Kathryn Preston, re: first three spots on Evil Guys lists.

It’s a responsibility of all to educate ourselves about the state of the world in order to build any personal belief system regarding how this world is evolving (or not).

The Parade Magazine, a Sunday supplement to the Post Independent, printed the following information.

The Feb. 16, 2003, issue lists the top 10 Worst Living Dictators as

1. Kim Jong Il, North Korea

2. King Fahd and Crown Prince Abdullah, Saudi Arabia

3. Saddam Hussein, Iraq

4. Charles Taylor, Liberia

5. Than Shwe, Burma

6. Teodoro Obian Nguema, Equatorial Guinea

7. Sparmurad Niyazov, Turkmenistan

8. Muammar Al-Qaddafi, Libya

9. Fidel Castro, Cuba

10. Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus

(and there are several dishonorable mentions)

The article can be found on the web at Concise info worth reading.


Patty Welch

Glenwood Springs

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