Saddam’s reputation as evil oppressor is exaggerated |

Saddam’s reputation as evil oppressor is exaggerated

Sue Gray

Dear Editor,

Let’s end these vicious rumors that I support a regime of unparalleled evil.

Stories are circulating that make Hussein look like a monster, complete with false witnesses who claim to have seen horrible atrocities committed by the Ba’ath regime. Suddenly everyone believes Saddam is a despicable madman and can cite instances of torture in every detail. But it is almost all lies. Your fear and hatred of Saddam Hussein is misplaced.

You have been duped by a propaganda campaign against Iraq’s leader.

Yes, torture goes on in Iraq. As it does in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Kuwait, etc.

You will find hooks and electrocution equipment in all of these countries where political opposition is not tolerated. But over 20 million Iraqi citizens have experienced nothing but good from Ba’ath party rule. Free education for boys and girls, free health care, freedom of religion. The reputation of Saddam as an evil oppressor is greatly exaggerated.

Before the economic sanctions were enacted, Iraq was a thriving modern nation. If we wanted to liberate the people of Iraq from the death of 5,000 children a month, we could have lifted the sanctions long ago.

But that would also have liberated the oil fields already under contract to Russia, China, and France, so the United States and Britain vetoed every United Nations attempt to relieve the Iraqi people of their misery, despite warnings from humanitarian organizations that the sanctions (not Saddam) were causing genocide.

Learn the true facts before you criticize the peacemakers. Visit for alternative information sources.

Sue Gray


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