Same-sex mariage devalues society |

Same-sex mariage devalues society

Dear Editor,

Stop the world. I might get off!

In this age of “political correctness,” I’m no longer shocked by viewpoints of others, but often surprised and disappointed – not in opinions expressed, but in the lack of judgment, reason or common sense.

If the views of the “Independent Voices” in your July 11 Commentary are representative of our community and our nation, then the world has surely passed me by. Their comments either express or imply typical PC spin – everything from “legal mumbo jumbo” to “touchy, feely love” to “keep it simple” to “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.”

This may make for agreeable reading, but my concern is that none are opposed to same-sex marriage. That’s surprising, disappointing and revolting.

I wouldn’t be responding if any of the four “Voices” had taken a stand for one of our nation’s few remaining treasured traditions.

When I grew up, marriage was something very special, and it still is, to me and to many others. It always was and should continue to be a very unique, incomparable, intimate relationship strictly between a man and a woman.

Much has changed: history is “revised,” rights are “wrong,” immigration is “migration,” criminals are “misunderstood,” bums are “underprivileged,” achievement is “unfair advantage” . There seems to be no end to the travesties!

Is marriage just another “value” to be “devalued?” Are we better off as a society and as a nation to continue to be compromised?

What’s next?

Richard D. Doran


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