Save Dinkel cornice |

Save Dinkel cornice

Dear Editor,

An open letter to Mr. Mazza, owner of the historic Dinkel Building in downtown Carbondale.

Tony, Tony, tell me it’s not so that you, an absentee owner of this magnificent historic structure, the Dinkel Building in Carbondale, really aren’t removing the old cornice feature from around the top if this landmark, are you?

This is a wake-up call for our new town board to address the immediate need for the preservation of our historic structures.

Mr. Mazza, don’t you feel even a little obligation to the residents of this community, past, present and future, to protect and preserve the sanctity of this historic building and its very unique architecture?

It has taken a group of concerned people in Carbondale working for over eight years to bring to fruition a tax initiative and an accompanying state grant to help bring about this current renovation taking place in Main Street. This tax initiative was supported by the majority of voters and many of them were owners of downtown property who knew up front that they were voting themselves to be taxed three times the amount of residential property owners’ tax because they believed in the vitality and importance of our downtown.

As this new renovation is currently under way, the finished product will see your Dinkel Building surrounded with a brand new sidewalk, a safety bulb-out curb feature at the corner of Fourth and Main streets, also new trees with sprinkler systems and those long-anticipated new and attractive street lights.

Mr. Mazza, your decision on how to repair the cornice feature along the edge of the roof of the Dinkel Building is disappointing to many of us, frankly, when this kind of maintenance is tax deductible.

Mr. Mazza, we can only hope that you will search deep into your heart and demonstrate to the community your actual sensitivity and desire for good will on this matter.

Come on, Mr. Mazza, just do the right thing here. Why not just step up to the plate and hit a home run for yourself and dear ole Carbondale.

What would you choose your legacy to be, Mr. Mazza? 1. The person who saved the integrity of this historical building for posterity or, 2. The man who will always be associated with the desecration of this landmark? Only you can decide.

Mr. Mazza, thank you for your time and by the way, you’re invited to join our local Downtown Preservation Association anytime. The DPA is supported by 95 percent of the Main Street and just off Main Street businesses and property owners. The $25 annual dues are designated for different community projects. If you are so inclined, please mail to: Ron Robertson, Co-Chair, DPA, 320 Main St., Carbondale, CO 81623. You will be notified of our future meetings. A representative of yours is, of course, welcome.

Thanks again.


Chris Chacos,

co-chair DPA Carbondale

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