School about learning, not free day care |

School about learning, not free day care

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Ms. Jensen’s letter “Let kids be kids for the summer.”

I am in support of the new calendar for the Re-2 school system. This alternative calendar promotes a better learning environment for our children.

The principal purpose of our school system is to promote learning to the best of their ability, not provide free day care.

Studies have shown children lose a huge amount of knowledge over our lengthy 11-week summer break. Also, the grade school children definitely lose their attention span to learn and some even reach “overload stress” from learning too much in such a short time span and act out their behavior problems at school. The breaks between quarters will help the kids to absorb what they have learned and to rejuvenate their energies. Also, the breaks will enable the children with learning difficulties to catch up and acquire extra assistance in an area that they are weak in.

Ms. Jensen, I am not a teacher in any of the Re-2 schools. I am a parent of two small children, and a volunteer coach of several after-school sports, who wants the best education possible for my children. I have spoken to lots of parents, and they are positive about the new change. Although I work part time, I am also willing to help out my friends with day care who work upvalley full time. We all help one another out, it’s a matter of networking with your peers or friends.

As for the sports programs, I’m sure things can be adjusted with practices and games to correspond to the new calendar. It’s a matter of organizing schedules ahead of time. Several of the kids I coach, who live 30 minutes away, coordinate with other parents who live close to one another to trade off with car pooling. Many coaches have even given athletes a ride home themselves if all options fail.

The new school calendar is about making Re-2 the best school system on the Western Slope, not the teachers looking for a way out of teaching. They still have the same number of days to work as the current schedule. Don’t you think that Re-1 and other school districts will follow suit if we happen to have a large rise in our standardized testing scores? Absolutely.

Change is sometimes hard to accept, but often it can improve things for the better.

Deanna Bauer


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