School board postpones background checks discussion |

School board postpones background checks discussion

A followup school board discussion regarding background check procedures for volunteers in the Roaring Fork Schools has been postponed.

That discussion is now scheduled to take place at the Oct. 23 school board meeting, in order to allow adequate time to research options and gather feedback on the Roaring Fork School District’s new policy proposal, according to Angie Davlyn, senior project manager for the district.

Last month, the school board heard concerns from some parent volunteers in the Valley Settlement Project Parent Mentor Program that fingerprinting vendors used by the district as part of the vetting process require applicants to disclose their citizenship status. Some parents were reportedly shying away from volunteering as a result, according to district and mentor program officials.

The school board agreed to revisit the current vetting policy and consider options. The Oct. 23 meeting is scheduled to take place at Bridges High School in Carbondale, beginning at 7 p.m. 

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