Schools need yoga |

Schools need yoga

Dear Editor,

The other day I was jogging around the track at the high school as the football team practiced. “Kill, kill” or some other monosyllabic spiritual mantra like “Om” came out of their mouths as they practiced deep pranayamic breaths that reminded me of lion pose. This was followed by several yoga stretches both sitting and standing again with deep breathing. The spiritual effects of the workout were obvious, much the same exhilaration as after a hot yoga class having poured much sweat from their bodies.

It is important that we treat the naysayers to yoga in the schools with compassion as this is the basis of yoga. We need to remind ourselves that these same people could be trying to take “under God” out of the pledge of allegiance or football out of the schools because of their belief that spirituality has no place in school.

There is a political party, the Natural Law Party, which knows as a result of scientifically proven studies that there is tremendous benefit in improving educational performance, reducing hyperactivity and recidivism – the rate at which criminals end up back in jail – through ancient techniques like yoga and meditation. But we know better than to call it that. We call it Football Practice for Poets.

I am running for Colorado State Assembly, District 61 on the Natural Law Party ticket. This platform includes health, educational, criminal justice and campaign finance reform, renewable energy, preventative health care and mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. Please support me and the Football for Poets program. Call me at 963-8932 for more information.

Sincerely yours,

Abba Krieger, DC, MPH


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