Second Festival Las Americas highlights Latin American culture |

Second Festival Las Americas highlights Latin American culture

Ryan Graff

For the second year, Festival Las Americas will try to bring together all the cultures of the Americas in Carbondale this weekend. “Many people refer to it as the Latino festival,” said event organizer Julian Hardaker, president of Club Rotario Roaring Fork. “It’s focusing on the Latino side, but hopefully bringing the community together.”People from countries all over the Americas, from Mexico to Argentina, work together, but don’t spend much time with one another otherwise, said another Rotario organizer, Diana Sanchez”You see everybody when they’re working, and not really hanging out,” she said. Some sort of Latin festival has taken place in Carbondale for about the past 15 years, she said, but organization of the event has changed hands. Last year was the first year for Festival Las Americas, and was organized by Latinos Unidos. This year, the new Club Rotario took over, and is keeping things largely the same, with food and art vendors, and live music. Regardless of the organizer, “There’s been a great deal of community support,” Sanchez said. And, “It sounds like it is going to be a fabulous event.” Festival Las Americas will run all day Saturday.

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