Seeds of next war are in the peace of the last |

Seeds of next war are in the peace of the last

Dear Editor,

Armies of the past were kind by default: They raped, pillaged and plundered. They left living vestiges of themselves in their children and/or in ongoing occupation. The 400-year Spanish colonial occupation of the New World from 1492 until 1900, is a good example. At least in the casualties from disease and rebellion equal in number to the 50 million dead of World War II, the Spanish gave these peoples their god, their culture, themselves. The New World made Spain “number one.” It was a long run until resources played out and people became educated. Spain’s a nice, third-rate country to vacation in now. Fortunately, the colonial peoples and the land survived. Much “easy wealth” is still left to exploit within all lands “south of the border.” God have mercy. Save them from themselves.

Nuclear energy, air power and rocket science have replaced armies and made war without redemption possible. Pure war, sterile war, war without soul is afoot. All this, in contrast to the last sweet melancholy strings of the violin that plays in the background of, as I write this, soon-to-be-broadcast final Ken Burns’ episode of a war of soul, The Civil War. Such sweet melancholy is as foreign in today’s battlefield as in the heart of a murderer. Strikes are tactical, not strategic. The god of war is pleased.

Look at today’s example. Where are the peoples of Afghanistan? Do the women and children live free? Are afghans being reinvented? Is a newer breed of hound being engineered in local animal husbandry circles? What’s the word, besides “No”? Where is the war on terror to end? Some say bin Laden is dead. A lot of people have been killed and detained to such an end. The war on terror really begins after the bullets have stopped flying. What business or businesses does America really have in Afghanistan … especially if the press isn’t allowed in? It begs the question: What are we really doing to or for the people? What if America can’t afford to, or won’t, rebuild Afghanistan? The needy press has no reason to go to Afghanistan now. What will we do with Iraq if we can’t finish in Afghanistan? The god of war is pleased.

All these unanswered questions lead back to Israel. The question is, is Israel `real’? Our devotion to a state of Israel goes without question. In that is the problem. At least George W. does not buy blindly into the radicals of Israeli aggression and tactics. That’s his saving grace. Until there is some equity in the politics in the middle east, this will be an ongoing problem. Israel kills any potential Palestinian leaders, except the old dog, Arafat. Israel has nuclear weapons. What gives here? One tenth of what aid the United States gives Israel, could go a long way to rebuild Afghanistan. That would be a start toward humanitarian effort, Israel. That would be a good business move, if that’s the way it must be understood. Do it.

So it is always “we the people” who are left with the dusts of war to rebuild on a smaller scale where peace builders have failed. So much to lose. Is it true?… “The seeds of the next war are in the peace of the last.” Smile back at the folks on the other side as we all bask in the atomic glow. Answer “No.” Can anyone hear the violins? Does anyone know the half-life of the radiation? Hey, amigo, you thought 400 years was a long time!

Fred Stewart

Glenwood Springs

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