Selfies — EcoFlight: Aerial advocates for use of public lands |

Selfies — EcoFlight: Aerial advocates for use of public lands

EcoFlight’s mission is to be an advocate for the protection of remaining public lands and wildlife habitat through use of small aircraft. They give members of the public and public officials an aerial perspective and an education program with the hope of encouraging an environmental stewardship ethic among citizens of all ages. Founded in 2002, EcoFlight provides a critical perspective towards establishing a solid grasp of large-scale land use issues such as oil and gas drilling, hard rock mining, water diversion projects, forest clear-cuts, road building and off-road vehicle use. The ultimate goal is to let the land speak for itself by showing people a unique view they would never get from the ground. For more information go to

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Victim ID’d in Harvey Gap drowning

June 15, 2019

The Garfield County Coroner identified Silt resident Justin Yenter, 37, as the victim in a drowning at Harvey Gap Reservoir. According to investigators, Yenter was on a boat in the reservoir when a gust of wind knocked him overboard into the water.

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