Selfies: Hungry hogs go wild for Marble Distilling Co. |

Selfies: Hungry hogs go wild for Marble Distilling Co.

Marble Distilling Co. in downtown Carbondale proudly touts its grain-to-glass-to-ground style of distilling. The distillery has partnered with the Nieslanik family in a way that benefits both the distillery and the livestock on the ranch.

Marble Distilling has a deal to receive locally grown white wheat grain from the Nieslaniks from which to make alcohol. In return, the Nieslaniks pick up loads of the spent grain to feed their hogs, chickens and cattle. The spent grain was analyzed by a veterinarian who concluded that the product was a high-quality, high-protein animal feed.

Marble Distilling also uses American-made stills that were specialized for the specific type of distilling process. The product slowly percolates up to five times through pieces of marble taken directly from the quarry near the town of Marble. This gives the vodka a hint of minerality that is different from any other company in the world, its creators say. This type of filtration was the idea of head distiller Connie Baker, who developed the method over a period of four years.

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