Selfies: Laying the foundation for a major milestone |

Selfies: Laying the foundation for a major milestone

Grand Avenue bridge crews have spent the last few weeks preparing for a major concrete pour, which is set to begin Friday at 7 p.m. and continue through the night. Crews are currently tying each individual piece of rebar into a woven pattern to create the structural foundation of the new traffic bridge. Across the Colorado River, the Sixth and Laurel roundabout has also made significant progress. Crews have already completed the northeast and northwest sides of the roundabout and will begin working on the second half in the coming weeks. “This is called accelerated bridge construction,” said GAB Public Information Manager Kathleen Wanatowicz. Crews work on multiple activities at the same time with layered material deliveries to meet a specific schedule. “This concrete pour is a critical path,” Wanatowicz said. She noted that the project is on schedule for its 95-day completion target.
All photos and video by PI staff photographer Chelsea Self.  

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