Selfies: Shafer attempts skateboard speed record |

Selfies: Shafer attempts skateboard speed record

Vaughn Shafer is an adrenaline junkie who holds the world record for fastest recorded speed on a motorized skateboard. Shafer’s passion for skateboarding started at 13, when he built his first custom skateboard in his high school woodshop class. After spending a number of years working as a stunt man in Hollywood, he returned to his love of skateboarding.

He built his first motorized skateboard with hopes of making and breaking records. The current record is for reaching 70 mph in one-eighth of a mile, which he did on a custom board his buddies and pit crew designed and assembled. Shafer credits much of his success to the mechanics at White Knuckle Garage and his right-hand man Joey Capps.

Shafer attempted to break his record and hit a top speed of 80 mph Saturday. However, after the engine seized two days before his show at the Glenwood Aviation Expo, luck wasn’t not on his side. The mechanics and pit crew were able to locate a new engine for the Saturday attempt but the engine was unable to withstand the high speed.
Shafer and his crew will spend the next month working to build a new motor from scratch with hopes of breaking the record at the Grand Junction Air Show Sept. 30.

“This has never been done before, you know,” mechanic Andy Brenna said. “It’s like building a rocket and trying to go to the moon.”

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