Selfies: Yampah students create Havoc on four wheels |

Selfies: Yampah students create Havoc on four wheels

A group of Yampah Mountain High School students has recently started a custom skateboard business called Havoc with the help of instructors Mike Lowe and Jono Moreau. But why skateboards? Yampah sophomores Kaleb Baker-Tinoco and Evan Gault are both longtime skateboarders and see the sport as more than just an after-school hobby. “Whenever I feel off track I go skateboarding. It’s something that allows me to really be who I am,” Gault said. Baker-Tinoco and Gault agreed that going to the skate park on a daily basis has led to great friendships. “Me and Evan started hanging out by skateboarding; even before school we would be at the park,” Baker-Tinoco said. “It’s just something to go to and gets your mind off things. It’s just fun.” All photos and video by PI staff photographer Chelsea Self.

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