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"Semi Pro," according to Summer

Summer Moore
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Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado

“Semi Pro”

Three of Four Suns

Will Ferrell is who he is. Using his hairy, flabby body once more as a punch-line, Ferrell scores in this comedic masterpiece about seventies basketball.

Ferrell plays Jackie Moon, a one-hit-wonder who made his money with a disco single called “Love Me Sexy”. The dough he made allows him to purchase an ABA team called the Flint, Michigan Tropics. Unfortunately they are the worst team in the league and so when the NBA offers to absorb the best four teams, the Tropics are left with no hope.

In a series of fortunate events, that you can probably predict but are still funny, the tropics get some new blood (Woody Harrelson, in his first basketball appearance since 1992’s “White Men Can’t Jump”), and turn their star player (Andre Benjamin) into a teammate.

The best part of the film is the Tropics’ faithful announcers Lou Redwood (Will Arnett) and Dick Pepperfield (Andrew Daly). The best quotes from the whole movie come from these two.

It is a typical Scot Armstrong (“Old School” 2003) film, which means it is predictable and yet still funny. I will admit right now that I will see anything this man makes. What I am a little worried about is Ferrell. His confident-yet-lost character is starting to get dangerously old. Let us hope he moves on soon.

“Into the Wild”

Four of Four Suns

Sean Penn’s attempt at bringing Jon Krakauer’s best seller to the big screen was a serious success. Never could someone who read this book have guessed how well it would be put on film.

The tragic story of Christopher McCandlless’ (Emile Hirsch) adventure on the path to his idea of “ultimate freedom” is one of love and loss. In my opinion Hirsch was overlooked for the Oscar. There was chatter for months and yet he was still left off the list.

Vince Vaughn makes a surprisingly deep appearance but the best supporting role is most definitely Hal Holbrook who jumps in as an old vet who sees the boy as the grandson he never had.

I will not lie to you, this movie is hard to watch, but worth it.

“Mystic River” 2003

Sean Penn’s best performance since 1982’s “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, this film is awesomely deep. One that rivals “Into the Wild”, this movie is what we want out of film, something not easily forgotten.

Summer Moore is a recent University of Colorado graduate who has grown up in Glenwood and moved back recently to work and live in Aspen. She has been obsessively watching movies all her life and has been reviewing them for the last two years. You can easily find her at Blockbuster or aimlessly wandering the movie section of Target. Feel free to express your opinion on any of her reviews by writing to the paper or posting a comment on the website, http://www.postindependent.com.

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