Senators should consider NEPI report |

Senators should consider NEPI report

Dear Editor,

The Senate is blowing our progeny’s future. Recently, this most-esteemed of institutions voted against tightening efficiency standards for automobiles, thereby prolonging our reliance on oil imports from the unstable Middle East. This is shockingly short-sighted in light of recent events.

To think that energy, security, and climate change aren’t related takes incredible amounts of denial, ego, and re-election selfishness. No citizen in this nation or any other would ever describe the term “public office” as being one in which the fruits of taxpayers’ labors are shared by a few selfish players in Washington to the detriment of society in general. That’s what senators are doing by bandying about variations on the same fossil fuel theme.

As you’ve been reading in this paper and others, an independent panel of energy policy experts introduced a bipartisan energy policy statement for the United States, the National Energy Policy Initiative (see The statement was crafted during an open, healthy dialogue about the best way for America to get energy and use it, and a broad consensus was the result.

When the Senate resumes work on the energy bill after its Easter recess, it should ask itself whether it is there to function for the good of all society, or whether it is there to keep major corporations in business and repay political donors and favors. If the answer is the former, then it will undoubtedly consider the bipartisan ideas presented in the NEPI report – strategies that make for a more reliable, more secure, more economical, healthier energy policy than we’ve ever had in this country.

Lawmakers must change U.S. energy policy now, before another plane is hijacked by terrorists, before a nuclear facility’s plutonium is used to make a huge swath of this nation uninhabitable, and before our children are stuck dealing with irreparable global damage resulting from our selfish, short-sighted leaders’ assault on sensible energy policy.

I wish the Senators good leadership.

Cameron M. Burns


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