Send a Spring Creek firefighter a phone card |

Send a Spring Creek firefighter a phone card

Dear Editor,

I stayed behind.

I work at the Tomahawk, Exit 114, and the night of the fire I was working alone. The order to evacuate came, and I had to do a few critical things to close the station down before I could go. By the time I finished everyone had gone and the streets were empty of all cars. I made a decision to stay put. The lights went out, and I sat in my pickup facing the street in the dark but lit up by the fire raging on both sides of the freeway. It was fierce, but so were the firemen. It was awesome, but so were the firemen. It was going from one ridge to another, and so were the firemen. Back and forth all night long were fire trucks, police cars, CDOT people fighting this fierce battle with all they had, putting their own lives aside to battle this blaze and save what property, people and animals that still might be in harm’s way. The people of Glenwood realize all this, but I saw it, and I’ll never forget it.

And now we have another fire north of New Castle, and I read these firemen would appreciate some prepaid phone cards. I have bought some and asked Chris Caywood to bring them up to them. Chris is our own volunteer fireman who lost his home and beloved friend and companion Thomas while he was saving other people’s homes.

To all the agencies who are expediting everyone’s claims, Alpine Bank, FEMA and the insurance companies, I say thank you and thank you, Chris, for bringing my small contribution up to the guys. Thank you Post Independent for printing the article about the phone card.

Yes, this is a great country.

Char Walker


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