Send MidFirst Bank packing |

Send MidFirst Bank packing

Dear Editor,

I really can’t believe it! Why does MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma think they can hood-wink citizens of Glenwood into believing that they are Santa Claus reincarnated? People of Glenwood are proud, admirable folk. They live by principles or hard work, honesty, integrity; not illusions of half-truths.

MidFirst Bank of Oklahoma owns 132 acres along Four Mile road. This land, in Garfield County, has been approved for the development of 57 houses on two-acre lots. Each lot has a building envelope within which a house may be built. These envelopes are designed so one acre can accommodate the migration of wildlife.

The Oklahoma bank collaborated with City Council to add 92 more house lots if the voters of Glenwood uphold the city’s annexation of Red Feather. Ninety-two additional lots at about $85,000 per lot amounts to $7.8 million. Who’s Santa to whom? Hey, give me $7.8 million, and I’ll put in ballfields and even a small stadium.

To create the illusion of more open space, the houses will be all jam-packed together like those near the airport and Cardiff Glen.

If affordable housing is now such an issue, why wasn’t it before? According to newspapers at the Historical Society/Museum, 50-plus affordable houses were originally planned at Cardiff Glen. What happened? Now there are none!

Citizens of Glenwood, send this Okie bank packing! We’re no “country bumpkins,” whatever that Oklahoma bank thinks. Vote “no” on Red Feather.

Charles H. Miller

Glenwood Springs

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