Several bike routes link West Glenwood with rest of town |

Several bike routes link West Glenwood with rest of town

Many cyclists with homes and businesses in West Glenwood are already taking advantage of convenient and safe travel routes to downtown and other local destinations.

Delays and motor traffic jams back up into the west parts of town, but cyclists have successfully navigated trips to the Community Center, downtown, shopping, appointments and work — all more conveniently than by car. Bicycling will also serve as a key mode once schools starts.

West Glenwood is blessed with four major routes for getting to and around town: the new bicycle-ped bridge and path along West Midland, low-traffic Devereux Road and its sidewalk, marked bicycle lanes on Donegan Road and sidewalks paralleling Old Highway 6-24.

West Midland Path

For trips to the Community Center, Glenwood Meadows, downtown and other destinations south of the Colorado River, the new West Midland path is the most inviting:

• Carefully traverse the Exit 114 roundabouts, using the three new crossing flashers; press the button to alert drivers that you are crossing.

• Once across Devereux, it is clear sailing all the way to town without crossing motor traffic.

• The approaches to the new bicycle-ped bridge over Midland are a bit steep; shift down early and patiently grind on up and over.

• The Midland path connects to the west side of downtown at Eighth Street. Drop onto the River Trail just east of the Roaring Fork River, or continue into downtown via sidewalks along the south side of either Seventh Street or Eighth.

Devereux Road

Another quiet, and flatter, route to town is along Devereux Road from its intersection with West Midland.

• Ride on the street or on the road’s north-side sidewalk (watch out for some lumps and utility hole covers; the sidewalk ends rather abruptly just east of the Coca-Cola warehouse).

• Turn into Two Rivers Park for connections to the confluence bicycle-ped bridge and the River Trail for destinations south, or to the interstate Exit 116 underpass and new bicycle-ped tunnel to Sixth Street and to the bicycle-ped bridge into downtown.

• Riders can also turn from Devereux east onto 6-24 (use the flasher crossing to sidewalk on the east side of 6-24). Follow that to Sixth Street and north Glenwood, Hot Springs Pool, Glenwood Canyon and the downtown bicycle-ped bridge into the east side of downtown. (Another option is to turn east onto Linden Street and through the neighborhood.)

Donegan Road

The freshly marked bicycle lanes along Donegan provide a quiet (if hilly) route between West Glenwood neighborhoods and north Glenwood (with connections to the pool, canyon and downtown).

• The marked lanes begin at Soccer Field Road, but the full length of Donegan is quiet.

• The bicycle lanes end at a transition to the north-side sidewalk just before the intersection with 6 & 24, and the sidewalk continues on the parallel path to town.

Warning: The curb cut at the west end of the sidewalk is very abrupt; cross it carefully, nearly perpendicular.

Warning II: The asphalt path to town is rough in sections and may have gravel washed onto it at several places, especially after a rain.

6 & 24 Sidewalk

A separated sidewalk traverses the full length of 6 & 24 between Mel Ray Road and Donegan Road, with access to local businesses and a connection on to town. This route is showing its age, however, with abrupt lumps and holes; also the sidewalk crosses many motor driveways. Be careful and alert.

Join Glenwood Springs Bicycle Advocates in riding and promoting local bicycle use. For more information, call 970-618-8264.