Sex offender info should be readily available |

Sex offender info should be readily available

Dear Editor,

I recently became aware that there was a known sex offender residing in our neighborhood. I took it upon myself to become more informed, to see if this was indeed true, and went to the police station, believing I would be able to get a copy of registered sex offenders residing in Glenwood. I was, to say the least, surprised to find out that I could not get a copy. I was told that if I signed a paper I could see pictures of such offenders shown to me through a glass window, held up by the receptionist. I was told that if I insisted on having a hard copy, I would need to fill out a request form, and this would be passed on to Terry Wilson, and he would determine if I could have one on a “need to know basis.” Excuse me, but if a known sex offender is living in my neighborhood, and I have children who ride bikes and play in this neighborhood, I would think I have more than a need to know.

We are living in an era of time that our children are being taken from their yards and homes on a daily basis. We as parents have a right to know who is living in our neighborhoods so we can protect our children. I was not on a crusade to nail posters to the light poles with their pictures and names, I simply wanted the information I felt I deserved to have so I could keep my children safe. I was told by the receptionist that there really weren’t that many in Glenwood. I say if there is one, that is one too many! If this is the policy of the police department, maybe it is time to rethink and change the old way of doing business. The innocence of a child is at stake.

Is it wrong for us as parents and citizens to want information that could help us protect our children and families?

Pam Coller

Glenwood Springs

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