Shaking the Tree shakes up the valley |

Shaking the Tree shakes up the valley

Stina Sieg
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, CO Colorado
Chad Spangler Post Indpendent

NEW CASTLE, Colorado ” For the last nine months, the brand new band, Shaking the Tree, has been shaking up the valley. Drummer Carl Koontz explained that they do everything from fast-paced originals to Men at Work’s Land Down Under and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.” Basically, he explained, they just want to make people move. Made up of all local guys, Shaking also features Eric “The Shamrock” Rayne on bass and “Baby” John Ator on guitar. Dave (DW) “The Mouth” Martin, former Marine and current KNFO personality, does the vocals and writes the songs. And they all hope you want to spend your Halloween kicking it with them.

Bring your costume, too. Koontz, who took a few minutes out of his day for an interview, is sure to.

“DW and John Ator got the name from a Peter Gabriel song, actually, ‘Shaking the Tree.’ And when I joined the band, DW pretty much said, it was just, you know, ‘I want to shake the tree and see what falls out of it’ kind of attitude with the band.”

“When I was eight years old. I had a grandfather that was a musician, who sang county and gospel, and I guess I just knew it. I kind of was torn between guitar and saxophone then, and then I had an older brother who was a drummer, and once I’d seen that, it was over. It was on after that. Ever since that, I’ve just been playing drums ever since.”

“To entertain, expression. I consider it therapy (laughing), you know. Yeah, to entertain people. This band’s been especially fun, because ” well, excuse my expression ” but this band, we’re able to make people go home and make love instead of war.”

“Kind of funky blues, with a rock edge. All the songs we cover, we don’t just cover them. We take them and make them ours, you know. We’ll funk it. We’ll punk it. We’ll blues it. We’ll metal it. …The way we play ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ is like, a lot, lot faster than the original and funkier, you know. At the end of it, we’ll park it out and get people moving and dancing.”

“Oh, gosh, I don’t know. I mean, each one of us has kind of a different scope. Mine definitely would be, my main influence, is Les Claypool from Primus ” excellent, by the way ” definitely. We have some old school blues, old school funk, you know, are kind of a lot of our influences.”

“Excellent. Yeah, I can’t believe it. Ever since we started, we played one of our first gigs in Rifle at Cheermeisters, and it’s just been blowing up ever since. We’ve been everywhere.”

“Gosh, I don’t know. That little Trail Ends in New Castle, it gets rowdy, but we have really good time there. A lot of people will show up. You know, it’s New Castle, too. They all know us. Everyone in New Castle knows all of us. The Winchester was great, excellent place. It’s a big place, so that was kind of neat.”

“A huge smile. Oh yeah, and we do a lot of photos of our gigs, and it’s great to see these people with just a giant smile. They’re in the moment. It’s just excellent. It’s a cool feeling.”

“Oh, yes, definitely. We’re doing a lot of originals. We’ve got, like, 12-15 originals, and yeah, we want to go way far with it. Hopefully, someday we can go on tour.”

“For expression and therapy, understanding of one another. Being able to express and having other people understand the expression and be able to feel that ” and through that, be able to express themselves as well, in a positive way. Some people express themselves through, like, Slayer or some other genre in a different way. But it’s still therapeutic, I think. It takes the edge off.”

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