Shameful shirt |

Shameful shirt

Dear Editor,

I was standing in Rifle’s Alpine Bank the other day waiting for a teller when I looked at the back of a man’s T-shirt and read “Get down on your [bleepin’] knees.” At first I was somewhat shocked. But as I thought about it more and more driving home, I became angry. I don’t know if the front of the shirt had any messages, but I doubt if it was “Pray to God.” Now, I’m not easily offended, and I’ve been known to swear at times. I think being “politically correct” has been carried way overboard. I know that “boys will be boys” because I was once a “boy” myself. I can’t say that I’m exactly sure what the “command” really meant. It could be interpreted in several ways, but most of them are bad. So if there was another message on the front of the shirt that changed the entire meaning, it didn’t work for me because I didn’t see it.

So let me start with a couple of questions. If you had a daughter would you want her to read this message on the back of some stranger? Wearing that T-shirt around is just as bad as walking around and constantly repeating the vulgar phrase out loud. Would you like someone to say that out loud to your young daughter, your wife, your girlfriend, your mother? Like I say, I didn’t see the front of the T-shirt, so perhaps I’m misinterpreting the message.

However, the slightly toned-down swear word (think “freak,” if I remember correctly) included in it indicates otherwise. To the man wearing the shirt, if you can’t read and didn’t realize what your T-shirt was saying, I apologize. Otherwise, here’s my message to you and anyone else who has such a high disregard for common courtesy by flaunting their ignorance and bad taste for all to see, especially impressionable children: “Sir, you are no longer a boy. You are a man. Act like one.”

David Petechuk


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