She Said: Clay, it turns out OK |

She Said: Clay, it turns out OK

KIMBERLY NICOLETTISummit County Correspondent

When I met Dan at his apartment to see “Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit,” he was watching a cartoon on his newly-reacquired cable television. The fact that he watches cartoons – even as an adult – and I rarely watched cartoons – even as a kid – probably tells you something about the biases with which we went into the movie.He was so excited about the movie, he immediately put on the paper mask of the dog, Gromit, which comes with the $9.25 movie ticket in Aspen. I was so excited about the short featuring the penguins from “Madagascar” that ran before “Wallace & Gromit,” I could’ve gone home happy without ever seeing the feature movie.But I have to say, the movie is much better than its trailer. Watching previews – especially when I saw the huge rabbit mouth burp at the audience – made me think “Wallace & Gromit” is just another immature movie bloated with burps and farts. But it’s not.The clay characters of “Wallace and Gromit” take on a life of their own and become lovable characters, despite the fact that Gromit doesn’t say a word throughout the movie (much like Silent Bob in “Clerks,” only furrier) and Wallace, well, he has his own problems.You see, Wallace is an inventor, and one of his mind-altering machines has turned on him – and now it’s wreaking havoc in the neighborhood. Before the crisis, Wallace and Gromit humanely saved prized gardens from vegetable-loving rabbits. But now they have a larger menace to control.And, of course, there’s more at stake than the duo’s professional reputation; affection between Wallace and Lady Tottington is growing, despite Victor Quartermaine’s manipulative strategy to marry Lady Tottington and possess her wealth. Now it’s up to man’s best friend to save the day.Yes, “Wallace & Gromit” is cute and clever. Its plot and detailed inventions are compelling. The fact that it’s made mostly with clay and filmed using stop-motion is amazing. It even spoofs “King Kong” and “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,” with some “Austin Powers”-inspired sexual connotations.Still, it left me a little limp. Then again, I’ve never been much for cartoons, or British humor.

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