Sheriff Dalessandri let me down |

Sheriff Dalessandri let me down

Nancy Palmer

Dear Editor,

While you decide whether or not to re-elect Sheriff Tom Dalessandri, let me tell you what occurred in the past year.

Since my divorce in March 2001, I have been stalked, threatened and harassed, and my home was broken into twice.

On July 3, 2001, every room in my house was totally trashed, although nothing was touched in my daughter’s room.

On May 4, 2002, my father’s shotgun and my jewelry box were stolen, and a picture of my boyfriend and me was ripped out of a frame. But what I find most disturbing is that whoever was breaking into my home called my boyfriend’s house at 1:42 a.m. while committing the crime – my phone number was on his caller ID.

My tires have been slashed twice, and my propane gas line was unscrewed. When I called the sheriff’s office to report this incident, the deputy took the report over the phone and didn’t even bother to come up to the house. He said it wasn’t necessary.

Two weeks after the May 4 break-in, they still had not contacted my exhusband to question him. When I called and left messages for the deputy, he never returned my calls. As it turns out they never questioned my exhusband. They never did anything.

I have reported all of these incidents to the police to no avail. While questioning Jim Sears, the undersheriff, about investigating the allegations he told me the department was understaffed and inexperienced.

He said it wasn’t convenient to keep an eye on my house and that I should hire a private investigator or install a surveillance system. Why am I paying taxes? Why are cases of domestic violence not fully investigated?

After I was repeatedly stalked, the Carbondale Police arrested my exhusband, and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail on work release. While on work release he was seen in a bar while he was supposedly at work. When this was reported to the sheriff’s office, it was not investigated. Why?

After my daughter and I lived in fear for over a year, we were forced to flee the state due to lack of protection. I want people to be aware of my situation, and the sheriff’s department’s unwillingness to investigate domestic violence.

So when you decide whether or not to reelect Tom Dalessandri as sheriff think about how he has let all of us down.

Nancy Palmer

Topeka, Kan.

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