Should the NFL shorten its preseason? |

Should the NFL shorten its preseason?

It’s not too long for the owners who make a lot of extra cash on these games. I recently won two tickets to a Broncos game (first game I’ve ever attended) against the Cowboys and noticed the price on the ticket itself was $110. I hope that isn’t what they really cost, but I’ve heard they charge the same prices for preseason games as regular season games and there were still 60,000-plus fans there. That’s a lot of extra money that owners would lose out on if the preseason were shorter.

Well, let’s see … the first two games, starters maybe play a series or two … then a half to three quarters, tapering off to a series or two again – because coaches don’t want to have a significant injury the week before the real games begin. Soooooooooo … most of the preseason (formerly “exhibition” games, with the name changed so owners could charge regular season ticket prices) is used to figure out who will be on special teams and make the team as backups. So, yep, the preseason is too long.Two warm-up games are plenty. Proof? Veteran “holdouts” who show up in time for the regular season so they don’t have to take extra lumps in practice games. Besides, football is a FALL sport and no one should be suiting up in pads in August! (Just ask your neighborhood high school player!)

The NFL preseason is not too long. If you ever watch preseason games, you know that the important players only play a quarter or two. That adds up to only one or two games. The preseason is really about seeing which of the players on the “bubble” are good enough to make the team. Which would you rather have: a short preseason, or a good team? I know some people are concerned about injuries, but come on! It’s the preseason! Nobody plays hard in the preseason! The ones who play hard are the ones on the verge of getting cut, and they’re playing against the guys on the other team who are on the verge of getting cut, so they don’t matter that much anyway.

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