Should the Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony? |

Should the Nuggets trade Carmelo Anthony?

The Denver Nuggets are considering trading Carmelo Anthony and in other news, Neville Chamberlain proclaimed he achieved “peace for our time” after negotiating with Adolf Hitler.

Both were completely wrong.

It would be a terrible idea to trade a 24-year-old star who saved the franchise from obscurity. Melo simply needs time to mature and grow. He should not be cast aside simply because George Karl chooses to sit on the scorer’s table instead of coaching.

Watch Melo this summer in the Olympics and witness how good he really is. Chances are he will be one of the top scorers for Team USA and propel the team to gold.

Because of this, there are only two scenarios that Carmelo should be traded for.

One, Doc Brown uses his Dolorean time machine and enables the Nuggets to acquire a young Michael Jordan from the Bulls in a trade. Two, Carmelo is traded for world peace, cold fusion, fat-free fast food and the Holy Grail.

I don’t think either will happen.

I don’t think so, unless he can be traded for a “defensive squad!”

“D-FENCE” IS THE PROBLEM. Look at League Statistics:

– Denver’s the ONLY team with TWO players (Melo and A.I.) as top 10 scorers.

– Denver leads in team rebounding. Camby is third; guess who is 12th? MELO.

What’s wrong with this picture? Check out the D-FENCE!

– The WORST ” giving up 114.8/game vs. Boston at 99.8.

– Averaging more than 10 points over all other teams.

In a perfect world, the Nuggets need a “makeover.” Get a coach like Doc Rivers and players willing to play defense.

I concur with a suggestion to hire John Wooden as personal consultant and therapist for Melo. Help Melo to “mature” (stay out of trouble) and instill in him the “team concept” (that his success relies on the performance of the team around him).

It worked well for Bill Walton!

Of course they should trade Carmelo Anthony. Why not? He’s immature, selfish, and has a bad temper. Sure, he scores a lot of points, but he also gives up a lot of points by playing lazy defense.

They need to trade him for a player who is young (like Melo), unselfish (unlike Melo), mature (unlike Melo) and is willing to play defense (definitely unlike Melo).

My first choice for Melo’s replacement would be Tayshaun Prince because he is all of the things I just mentioned, he has experience, and he would be coming from Detroit, which plays defense (unlike the Nuggets).

It all depends on what they can get for him.

The Nuggets really need some players who will commit to playing defense. The Boston Celtics showed what can happen when a team has a trio of stars who will put the team first and their personal stats to the side.

That’s what the Nuggets need more than anything. They need players who will put as much energy into the less glamorous defensive side as they do into being the leading scorer every night.

I’m not sure Carmelo or Iverson fall into the category of defensive-minded players or the type of unselfish players that are needed to win championships. Perhaps they should trade them both.

“I’m just wild about saffron, saffron’s wild about me … They call him Mellow Yellow… quite nicely…”

Sorry, ’60s flashback.

The Nugs have been longing to return to the up-and-down-the-court, 145 points are possible on any given night, days of Doug Moe, Alex English, Kiki Vandeweghe, Fatty Taylor … well, I digress.

Point being, this team is ” to quote Forrest Gump’s Mama ” “like a boxa choc’lates, you nevah know whatcher gonna git.” And that’s what makes this an entertaining team.

Does anyone think some not-ready-for-prime-time, one-year-of-college, then take-the-moolah-and-run bum can do what Melo does for the Nugs? Wait, that WAS Melo, wasn’t it? One year at ‘Cuse and done.

Even if he doesn’t grow up for a few more years, it’s rather Kobe-esque ” no way you get equal trade value.

Say it ain’t so ” don’t trade Melo!

The Denver Nuggets have been slowly improving over the last few years but can’t seem to make it over that hump. And now the question is should they trade Carmelo or not? Well, I think it’s a definite no.

Before he came around, the Nuggets were the laughing stock of Colorado sports, actually right along the Rockies at that time in terms of people not caring. But then the kid from the NCAA champion Syracuse Orangemen got drafted to Denver and led his team to its first playoff appearance in a long time.

Not to mention he was probably the main reason the Nuggets went to the “Powder Blue” uniforms. He made a difference when there was none to give, and to trade him now would be both bad timing and a bad choice.

Mr. Warkentein,

As a guy that is trying to get into following the rich and creamies, I have drawn a line in the sand: Either trade Carmelo or fire George.

Not that I don’t think Carmelo can be an NBA impact player, not even to say that he isn’t an impact player. It just seems that, at the end of games, he is either on the bench after fouling out, (see Game 4 of the reverse sweep against L.A. when Kobe takes over and Melo takes a seat), or pounding the ball on the floor getting ready to take one of his patented 14-foot fadeaways that just never seems to go in.

Not that it isn’t a thing of beauty, ah la Chops getting worked down on the block by a man that outweighs him by a cool 100 pounds. (Low pads wins cowboy!) Some things in life are just better viewed firsthand.

Anyway, I am getting off track ” the rich and creamies just have too many guys that love to dribble the ball.

It seems that every coach in the history of the sport, from the NBA to pee-wee hoops, talks about the importance of ball movement, and when Melo is on the floor, the ball just stops moving. It reminds me of the age-old question asked at parks around the country, “How can you be open if I have the ball?”

The team is certainly regressing and will probably miss the playoffs next year. He has somehow, without really accomplishing anything outside of almost winning the scoring title by dumping 50-plus on teams such as the Grizzlies, become a lock for the olympics and the All-Star team year in and year out.

Melo plays less than no defense and his BAL was probably higher than his assists-per-game average last season. All in all, he is just a solid NBA talent that couldn’t care less about winning.

So, with the talent that they have around him, how can a sweep in the first round be acceptable? If he is the franchise player then what does that say about the franchise? He is paid like an NBA superstar, but when the games matter he becomes a role player to A.I.

Well, I suppose I got enough off my chest for one day.

In closing, here is an idea for another “super cool” bumper sticker to match the others that are so proudly flaunted around town. Joey bag o’ doughnuts, don’t think that I am singling you out (even though I am) but please do take offense to this, there are plenty of other Denver sports fans that the shoe fits as well.

Welcome to enver …Um … has anyone seen the “D” lately?


Tom Crean’s starting three

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