Should U.S. attack Iraq? |

Should U.S. attack Iraq?

Dear Editor,

The brief story characterizing Saddam Hussein as defiant and hungry for war in the Aug. 9 edition of the Post Independent was both one-sided and misleading. In the days preceding this story, Saddam has openly pressed for diplomatic measures to ease tensions with the U.S. and has opened a dialogue with the UN to resume weapons inspections in Iraq.

The story run in the Aug. 9 Independent also assumed a strong double standard. In the story, Saddam was demonized for promising to defend his nation. If Iraq ever threatened to attack the United States the Bush administration would surely react with military force far beyond the stern warnings voiced by the Iraqi leader. The article also criticizes Saddam for referring to the U.S. and its British allies as “the forces of evil” while this is the same exact terminology that the Bush administration consistently uses to describe Iraq, Iran, and Vietnam.

At this crucial time in our history, the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley deserve balanced journalism so that we can help make informed decisions on the critical issues facing our nation. The proposed military action against Iraq may be the most important decision that our country will face in the coming years and there are a lot of critical questions that remain unanswered by the media.

Should the U.S. break international law by attacking Iraq? Should we risk losing valuable international support necessary for combating terrorism? Is our attack truly justified? Will a U.S. invasion push a desperate Saddam to use his weapons of mass destruction? How many American lives will it cost?

What will be the economic costs of such a conflict in an era of continuing recession and growing government deficits? Is it wise to start a war in a region already destabilized by violent conflict? How many innocent people will be killed in such an attack?

Will a military action against Iraq really make America safer or will it fuel the anti-American sentiment that sustains international terrorism? In order to make an informed decision, questions like these must be answered.

Democracy requires healthy and diverse public discourse and local media plays a vital role in this process my providing a medium for local voices.


Ryan Conrad

Glenwood Springs

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