Show our veterans well-deserved appreciation |

Show our veterans well-deserved appreciation

Dear Editor,In 1921, an unknown World War I American soldier was buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Similar ceremonies occurred in England and France, where an unknown soldier was buried in each nation’s highest place of honor – in England, Westminster Abbey; in France, the Arc de Triomphe. All took place on Nov. 11, giving universal recognition to the ending of World War I fighting at 11 a.m., Nov. 11, 1918 – the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. This became known as “Armistice Day.”If the idealistic hope of World War I being “the war to end all wars” had been realized, Nov. 11 might still be called Armistice Day. Realizing that peace was equally preserved by veterans of World War II and Korea, President Eisenhower, in 1954, signed a bill proclaiming Nov. 11 Veterans Day.The Colorado Workforce Center staff and its partners thank each U.S. military man and woman, both past and present, for admirably fighting for and maintaining our precious freedoms. Please join us in thanking them for giving up so much in their lives so we can have so much in our own.At the Colorado Workforce Centers, every day is an occasion to honor our veterans. Visit our Glenwood Springs and Rifle locations or contact us at And contact your Garfield County veterans officer, Joe Carpenter. In observance of Veterans Day, Colorado Workforce Centers will be closed. Regular hours will resume 8 a.m. Friday, Nov. 12.Kathleen CoffeyColorado Workforce CenterTired of playing ‘musical schools’Dear Editor,I’m currently a freshman at Rifle High School. I live in Silt and like many of the other Silt and New Castle kids, I am stuck in the middle of the debate of whether we should be in Coal Ridge High School or Rifle High School. Since I’ve lived in Silt all my life I have done three natural transitions from school to school to get the proper education that I’ve needed. Now that I’ve finally settled in a high school that suits me and my educational needs, I don’t want to move again. And I think you’d find that most of these students that are in the same position as myself feel the same. From a student’s point of view, I don’t support the new high school or the mill levy. Nobody asks the people who are truly involved, the students, the ones who are going to have to go to that school. Why go to a school that nobody wants to be at and where I feel my education would be better suited somewhere else?Mindy GonzalesSilt

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