Sick of being duped |

Sick of being duped

Dear Editor,

If God told Bush to go to war in Iraq like Bush says he did, I’m afraid of what else God might tell Bush to do.

Aren’t you tired of being duped, lied to, and manipulated? And aren’t you tired of being intimidated and told you are unpatriotic and un-American because you don’t agree with Bush’s policies? Americans stand up for what they believe in and speak their minds.

I also think Bush is a big chicken for not meeting with Cindy Sheehan and listening to what she has to say. That’s the least he could do!

Gayle Samuelson

Glenwood Springs

Dear Editor,

I applaud John Young’s efforts toward responsible environmental stewardship for the Bair Chase development.

However, the sad fact of the matter is that developments like this are gobbling critical wintering range at an alarming rate. The elk are simply running out of places to go.

By further isolating pockets of critical habitat, we’re creating a obstacle course of speeding cars, heavy machinery, people and free running dogs, which further stresses already stressed wintering elk.

I think we can recognize that these elk return year after year to the same areas, and try to act accordingly. The elk that winter at the Bair Chase will return in three to four months. It would be worthwhile to try to estimate what stage the project will be at when this occurs, and what can be done to minimize impacts, and minimize confrontations with the returning animals.

Denny Hostetler

New Castle

Dear Editor,

The Armitage Group has proposed a Dinner/Excursion train between Glenwood Springs and Carbondale. Permitting this to happen depends on convincing the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority to review the proposal. They own the rails and are about to salvage the critical lower 12 miles without giving this proposal consideration.

Please take the time to contact RFTA Chairman Dan Richardson at 920-5071 and ask him to give this proposal consideration on behalf of your community. He doesn’t believe there is community support.

What a dinner/excursion train will do for our valley:

It will provide and operate dinner and excursion trains on weekends throughout the year.

It will generate sales of $1 million, carrying 28,000 passengers in its first year, generating from $3 million to $5 million in tourist revenues. It will invest in the community by providing year-round jobs and drawing on local services. Plus, it will drop off excursion passengers in downtown Carbondale.

It will be marketed cooperatively with other Glenwood tourist attractions and offer discounts for visiting these attractions. It will promote itself and Glenwood Springs nationally and in state.

It will conservatively pay RFTA four times more than it will get for salvage. The Armitage Group has offered RFTA a bond for the salvage if it leaves the rails in place.

We believe the Armitage Group has presented a well-founded serious proposal. We have met with Matt Armitage and are impressed. We believe this will stimulate business and vitality for the whole valley.

Jan Girardot and Kip Wheeler

Glenwood Springs and Aspen

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