Silt heads off adult entertainment industry |

Silt heads off adult entertainment industry

Lynn BurtonPost Independent Staff

The adult entertainment industry has not yet targeted Silt for its next book store, massage parlor or megaplex skin flick palace, but the Silt Trustees aren’t taking any chances.The trustees unanimously approved amendments to the town’s zoning ordinance Tuesday to severely restrict locations of adult businesses.”Nothing from the outside is causing us to do this,” said Tod Tibbetts, Silt’s mayor pro tem. “It’s better to be proactive.”Silt town attorney Mitch Randall explained that without adult entertainment zoning on the books, such businesses could locate alongside regular businesses.”Without this zoning, these businesses could locate in any commercial zone district,” Randall said.Randall said in drafting Silt’s new zoning ordinance, he researched similar ordinances in Basalt, Rifle and Denver, and case law from federal and state courts.Silt’s ordinance defines numerous adult businesses, including adult book stores and arcades, adult motels, novelty stores, theaters and nude model studios.In the ordinance, an adult video store is defined as, “An establishment having as a substantial and significant portion of its stock and trade …. rental or viewing of one or more of the following: Photographs, films, motion picture, video cassettes or video reproductions, slides or other visual representations that depict or describe specified sexual activities or specified anatomical areas.”Silt’s ordinance doesn’t prohibit adult entertainment businesses, but they cannot be located:-Within 500 feet of a religious institution, existing dwelling, school, state-licensed day-care facility, public library or public park.-Within 1,000 feet of another adult entertainment business.-Within 200 feet of any arterial or interstate highway.Town administrator Rick Aluise said Silt had to identify areas where setback requirements don’t prohibit adult businesses, and they must be allowed somewhere in town. Those areas at this time are a small section of Lyons Business Park, plus the business parks Ferguson Crossing and Terrell subdivision.”Nothing’s built in Ferguson Crossing,” Aluise said.Tibbetts said the trustees addressed the adult entertainment ordinance as a matter of priority, now that other issues such as annexations and capital construction projects have been taken care of.Trustees voted unanimously to approve the ordinance, which goes to a second and final reading next month.

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