Silt Mayor Dave Moore welcomes Ursa to the region |

Silt Mayor Dave Moore welcomes Ursa to the region

John Colson
Post Independent Staff
Glenwood Springs, Colorado CO

SILT, Colorado – Mayor Dave Moore on Monday warmly welcomed representatives of the Ursa Resources Group II LLC, which last year bought Antero Resources’ oil and gas assets in the Piceance Basin.

As part of what Moore called “a couple of thoughts on where my standing is on Ursa,” Moore proclaimed that recent air quality testing by Garfield County found “no degradation in local air quality” due to gas industry activities.

Moore took this as a welcome validation of industry claims that their activities are not harmful to human health.

Moore also noted that Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper recently told a Congressional committee in Washington that he had drunk fracking fluid and suffered no ill effects, calling fracking fluid “a benign fluid in every sense.”

Hickenlooper made that claim on Feb. 12, while testifying before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, where he urged federal lawmakers to let the states retain regulatory oversight of the natural gas industry.

The governor’s office later clarified that Hickenlooper had once imbibed a “sip” of a new fracking fluid called CleanStim, developed by Halliburton, which is advertised as comprising chemicals “sourced from the food industry” and not harmful to humans or animals.

Hickenlooper reportedly later conceded that CleanStim is not currently in use commercially in Colorado.

And while he drank the liquid as part of a challenge to a Halliburton executive visiting Denver, the governor wrote in an online post, “This is not to imply that anyone would drink the frack fluid being used today.”

Moore said that there is no evidence that fracking is harmful to humans, but he stressed that if evidence emerges that it does cause human health problems he will revise his opinions.

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